Weird Facts About Christmas


Weird Facts About Christmas


  • The early paintings of St. Nicholas showed him out to be a stern symbol of discipline rather than the jolly, overweight elf that children know today



  • NASA Engineers that designed the Voyager Space Mission planned things out so it would avoid planetary or alien encounters during Thanksgiving and Christmas


  • One small village in Peru is in tune with Christmas ,where people settle the previous year’s grudges by fist fighting. They then start the new year off on a clean slate



  • Grandmas used to tell scary ghost stories on Christmas Eve. An old  tradition that has died out in the past century



  • It is estimated that the song “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin is the best selling single in history with over 100 million copies sold


  • Paul McCartney still earns nearly half a million dollars every year from his Christmas song, which many critics regards as his worst song ever.



  • Nearly all of the most popular Christmas songs including ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Chestnuts roasting…’, and ‘I’m Dreaming of a white Christmas’ were written by Jewish people


  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is the only record to get the UK Christmas Singles Chart Number One twice, once in 1975 and again in 1991.


  • Between the 16th and 19th centuries was what is known as a “little ice age” where global temperatures were several degrees lower than normal. It is for this reason that many Christmas carols and songs stress a “White Christmas”.


  • A large part of Sweden’s population watches Donald Duck cartoons every Christmas Eve since 1960



  • Many of the perpetually open Denny’s restaurants were built without locks, which was problematic when they decided to close down for Christmas for the first time in 1988


  • In 1867, a Boston industrialist heard Charles Dickens read A Christmas Carol and was so moved he closed his factory on Christmas Day and gave every one of his employees a turkey


  • The Nazi party tried to turn Christmas into a nonreligious holiday celebrating the coming of Hitler, with Saint Nicholas replaced by Odin the “Solstice Man” and swastikas on top of Christmas trees.



  • The US playing card company ‘Bicycle’ had manufactured a playing card in WW2 s that when the card was soaked, it would reveal an escape route for POWs. These cards were Christmas presents for all POWs in Germany. The Nazis were none the wiser!


  • An artificial Christmas tree would have to be reused for more than 20 years to be “greener” than buying a fresh-cut tree annually


  • We frequently abbreviate Christmas as X-mas because of ancient tradition. X is the Greek letter “chi” which is an abbreviation for the word “Christ” in Greek


  • Japanese people traditionally eat at KFC for Christmas dinner, thanks to a successful marketing campaign 40 years ago. KFC is so popular that customers must place their Christmas orders 2 months in advance


  • Christmas purchases account for 1/6 of all retail sales in the U.S annually