Machines: Binding & Laminating

Choose from our wide range of binding machines, designed to help you achieve that professional look. We offer premium brands at affordable prices that’ll get the job done quickly and even with time to spare. Browse a variety of styles like our comb binding machines, coil binding machines, and wire binding machines and find the product that suits the needs of any project. We have a variety of light and heavy-duty machines to select from, including both manual and electric binding machines.

Comb binding machines take reports, brochures and presentations to a whole new level. Plastic comb binding machines are used with eye-catching plastic binding combs to enhance sales brochures or business documents. A comb binding machine is indispensable, versatile, inexpensive and perfect for small to high volume binding projects.

Plastic comb binding machines, electric comb binding machines or manual comb binding machines are perfect for the home, business or office. Comb binding machines use plastic binding combs which come in a variety of colors. Create business proposals, presentation materials or easy to read documents with the help of a comb binding machine.
Galaxy E 500 punches up to 25 sheets at a time and binds up to 500 sheets with a 2″ comb. Our Orion E 500 Electric Comb Binding Machine is perfect for heavy-duty commercial and high-volume use. It offers foot pedal operation for maximum ease of use and can electronically punch up to 30 sheets at a time. The Orion has an adjustable punch depth for extra-large documents as well. Click here to see more of our Electric Comb Binding Machines.
Do you want to protect your important documents and projects? Bluebird Office Supplies offers a great selection of premium brand laminating machines to keep your documents safe and professional looking. Choose from thermal laminators, cool laminators, and non-electric laminating machines. We have the machine that suits the unique demands of your office.

Pouch Laminators are ideal for preserving documents. Bluebird Office Supplies offers personal use pouch laminators for the home or small office, ID card and ID badge pouch laminators for corporate and school use as well as heavy duty pouch laminators for use in the print shop, copy shop, government and educational markets. Several of our pouch laminators include an industry leading warranty.

We offer different heavy-duty pouch laminators to suit any office needs. Our 13″ Heavy Duty Pouch Laminator has an all-metal construction, temperature control and even includes a reverse function. It can laminate documents and items up to 13″ wide and has a maximum pouch thickness of 10 mil. Browse our selection of laminators here.

Are you looking for a drilling machine? If you need something more heavy-duty than a manual hole puncher, check out our range of drilling machines for your more extensive projects. Save time and energy by drilling large numbers of sheets at once! Bluebird Office Supplies offers a selection of drilling machines plus drilling accessories.

Ever wonder if there was a better way to punch holes in paper? Why not consider a paper drill? For companies looking to punch holes in large volumes of paper, a paper drill is the ideal solution. Paper drilling equipment works much like a drill press from an industrial shop. Depending on the model that you choose, you can produce one or more holes at a time through up to 2 inches of paper. Compare and choose a machine based on factors such as number of holes required, drilling capacity, hole size, machine footprint, brand and drill type (manual or electric).
Our high capacity table-top paper drill can handle 620 sheets of paper and is compatible with drill bits that are 1/8″ to 3/8″. We also carry drill bits for your convenience. Check out of selection of drilling machines and accessories here.