3 Ring Binders

Stay organized with Bluebird Office Supplies’ extensive selection of 3-ring binders and accessories. We offer a variety of products that are modern, professional, and biodegradable to keep your office coordinated and earth-friendly.Whether you’re looking for a binder to organize product information, sales books, HR and employee records, presentations or more, Bluebird Office Supplies has your business covered.

At Bluebird Office Supplies, we manufacture our own quality binders. Our binders are durable, strong, sturdy, long lasting and reusable. Bluebird view binders feature wrinkle-free covers and are ink transfer resistant with a rich, clear, glossy finish for making. Our binders also have heavy duty 100% recycled content chipboards.

Our 3-ring binders are perfect for litigation documents, trial exhibits, notebook, deposition reports and any legal needs you may have. Looking for standard binders or heavy-duty binders? Bluebird Office Supplies offers convenient D-ring and O-ring options that will suit your every need. Choose round rings for your classic office organizational binder, or D-rings for the perfect storage binder to hold more paper and save shelf space.
Our Single-touch D-ring Binder lets you open, close and lock with just one finger. Plus, the clear front cover allows easy transformation into a custom binder, perfect for presenting your work. Our Single-touch, Clear View, 5″ D-ring binder has the capacity to hold 1000 sheets! It includes premium features like the higher sheet capacity, extra pockets and high durability. The crystal clear overlay on the spine and cover make it easy to personalize and label for grab-and-go use. This binder combines our best ring with our strongest covers for unmatched ease of use and strength.
Want a variety of different colors? Our binders are available in a wide range of colors to fit every situation, from standard neutrals such as white, blue, brown, and black to red, yellow and every color in between. Select from our assortment to customize your binder for your unique organizational or presentation needs – or to simply express your personality!
Make sure your binder stays neat and clean by choosing from our ink-resistant clear overlay, or choose non-view binders without the clear overlay for the security and protection of anonymity.
Whatever your needs, Bluebird Office Supplies offers the perfect 3-ring binders for your office. Go green with our non-PVC, completely recyclable products!
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