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Office FurnitureFind all the furniture you need for the office
Between the car seat, the office chair, and the sofa at home, the average office worker spends 10-14 hours per day sitting, contributing to a sedentary lifestyle that can wreak havoc on short-term happiness and long-term health. But you can escape from this unhealthy and energy-draining cycle of inactivity with an Adjustable Stand-up Desk. The Adjustable Stand-up Desk makes it easy to mix periods of active standing into your workday, allowing you to stay productive and healthy at the same time.

Office FurnitureDesks and workstations
Whether you need a desk designed for a corner office or the corner of a bedroom, Bluebird Office Supplies has the perfect choice for your style and budget. Like the look of wood desks? Choose from oak, walnut, mahogany and more. If you want a more durable feel, choose a metal desk, with or without wood and glass accents. For smaller or changing work spaces, a modular work station is a flexible solution. Simply start with a desk shell and add work surfaces, hutches, cabinets and shelving as needed. Many desks and workstations are offered as part of furniture collections for a more coordinated, professional look.

Office FurnitureOffice Chairs
Protect your back with these ergonomic office chairs. These adjustable chairs are cushioned and molded to ensure comfort over long hours. Some options feature breathable backs that let air flow through to keep you cool and add to your comfort level on hot days.

Office FurnitureWhat type of lighting is best for your home or office?
Do you need extra lighting at your desk, in your workshop or in any room of your house? Bluebird Office Supplies carries a wide range of lamp styles to brighten every space. Whether you want bright light for reading or touches of light to make a room more inviting, the right lighting will make work and play more pleasant.

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