Origin of Ring Binders, Depends on Where and Who

Origin of Ring Binders, Depends on Where and Who (Please use this information to rule the world of odd facts in the Office Supply Trivia.) Let check the economics first. In the United States, it is between 40 and 60 million 3 ring binders are sold every year – mostly cheap, vinyl, disposable imported ones. … Read more


TurDucKen and The Truth About Thanksgiving

  TurDucKen and The Truth About Thanksgiving   The first Thanksgiving feast took place at Plymouth, Mass. in 1621. Only five women were present at that first Thanksgiving, as many women settlers didn’t survive that difficult first year in the U.S. No Turkey on first Thanksgiving. It looked much different than our modern day feasts. … Read more


10 of the Must Have Cleaners in the Office

10 of the Must Have Cleaners in the Office      1. Paper Towels:  Wet and dirty tables and chairs will always be a normal scenario in any office environment. Not to count the break room and comfort room. A roll of paper towel should be handy in every corner of these places. There are a huge … Read more


Halloween @ Work

Halloween @ Work Only second to Christmas time, Halloween is one of the most popular holidays and increased its popularity among employees. By celebrating Halloween at work, it appeals to that little child in each of us. Aside from fostering camaraderie, it also helps create more motivated employees. Halloween is unconnected to any particular religion, … Read more


Top Ten Office Supplies Most Likely To Be Stolen

Top Ten Office Supplies Most Likely To Be Stolen   1. Sticky Notes – The number one in the list. Per piece or per pad. Your neighbor will not banter to borrow this sticky stuff from you and expect it not to be returned. Its normal for your Post-It Notes to disappear after a day or … Read more

Bluebird Announcement Closed 10.12.2016

    Bluebird Announcement:  


Unknown Hero – The Paper Cup

Unknown Hero – The Paper Cup    This humble paper cup was the unknown hero during the great American flu epidemic of 1918. It was the greatest health solution to avoid the plague. Thanks to Boston lawyer named – Lawrence Luellen. History never really knows the exact origins of the paper cup. Although there is … Read more


Crazy Amazing Pencil

  Crazy Amazing Pencil Crazy Things you don’t know about Pencils: Food poisoning will not happen if you accidentally eat a pencil. It’s supposedly just a mixture of clay and graphite, the tip doesn’t  contain any lead. The mineral- Graphite is a crystallized form of carbon, was discovered in mid-16th century, near Keswick, England. The … Read more


Of Tea And Coffee

Of Tea And Coffee Benefits of Tea and Coffee Choose what is best for you. Right next to water, tea is  is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. After beer, coffee  is also hugely popular in the western civilization. And both drinks have been around for a long time. Legend says  that tea … Read more


Hail the Paper in Digital Age

Hail the Paper in Digital Age Digital Age is here, hence, papers are thing of the past. Is it a great news? Nope, not for everyone. Although digital documents are eco-friendly, can easily be accessed, adjustable and ultimately cut the space inadequate to store data. But technology is not perfect. By the advent of internet, photos, … Read more

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