10 of the Must Have Cleaners in the Office

10 of the Must Have Cleaners in the Office




 1. Paper Towels


Wet and dirty tables and chairs will always be a normal scenario in any office environment. Not to count the break room and comfort room. A roll of paper towel should be handy in every corner of these places. There are a huge variety of paper towels out there. It’s nice to have a mix of regular  and heavy duty ones.



2. Cloth Towels:


It is nice to have a ton of cloth towels on hand. Cloth towels can absorb excess water, that paper towels cannot. You can find packs of these just about anywhere, even at the hardware store. If they’re dirty, and they can be easily bleached and disinfected without getting ruined. An eco-friendly alternative is cut up old t-shirts.




3. Squeegee:


This tool is a must have if you have mirrors and glass windows. Women in the office needed them more than men to clean the mirror in the restroom. Keep your office mold free with this tool.





4. Microfiber Cloths:


Just like the white towels, getting a ton of these to keep on hand is super helpful. Microfiber can often get surfaces clean on its own or with just a little water, and shouldn’t scratch or leave streaks behind.






5. Air Duster Bottles:


Keep air duster bottles on hand for those annoying dust, food particles and what not, settling in your computer keyboard. You can also use it to blow the face of your annoying office cube mates.





 6. Broom, Dustpan,  and Mop:


These triple pair tools are very obvious.  If you have any hard surfaces like wood, tile, cork, and linoleum, you will need a broom and mop to get them clean.  Dustpans help with the process and are crucial for quickly cleaning up any spills.





7. Handy and Heavy Vacuum Cleaners :



The handy vacuum cleaners are for the chairs and desks. The big heavy ones are for the floors and carpets. Too many brands to mention. Just pick the ones that are synonymous with quality and price.






8. Bucket:


A nice sized bucket can not only stow your cleaning supplies, but also be used for mopping, or any other of a multitude of office tasks.






9. Scrub Brush:


A bristle scrub-brush on hand to use on tough stains. This tool will come in handy when the paper or the clothe towels will not serve its purpose.






10. Old Toothbrush:



Even if you are not in the military boot camp, when you need something a little more detailed than a scrub brush, a toothbrush is a great option. Use any old disinfected old toothbrushes and put them to work on grout, sink rims and all the other nooks and crannies in your office.